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The Kinetic Gravel Ride


Kinetic Gravel Ride "KGR"

When - Every Sunday Morning @ 8am (Always Back by 11am)

Where - Kinetic Cycles

The route varies each week but will be between 35-45miles.

Sample Route -

Gravel and Cross Bikes are preferred.
Tubeless Tires, Highly Recommended.

Come join this Sunday!

Decaf KGR (Now Hosted by Breakaway Women's Racing)

When - Every Saturday Morning @ 10 am (Generally back by Noon)

Where - Kinetic Cycles

The route varies each week but will be between 20-25 miles.

Sample Route -

We received many requests for a slightly slower and more coffee casual pace of our usual Sunday KGR. We also realize that there are a large group of folks who are just getting into gravel riding and don't have a group to roll with and/or don'y know exactly where the best routes are. Enter in the Decaf KGR. 

Sometimes we still want to drink coffee but we are already properly caffeinated, so we order Decaf and there's nothing wrong with that! So on Saturday Mornings, Sleep in a little bit, have a real cup of joe and then join us for the Decaf KGR.

Kinetic Road Ride "KRR"
Although our gravel rides are our most known weekend rides, we do also host a road ride on Saturday mornings!

When - Saturday Mornings @ 8am (Always Back by 10am)

Where - Kinetic Cycles

Route  -

Saturday Mornings are best started with a great road ride with an awesome group! The KRR always rides the same route on the beautiful surface streets of Fair Oaks all the way up to Hazel Ave and then winds back through Gold River and Rancho Cordova on the neighborhood streets that parallel the bike trail. We are always back by 10am.This is not a race ride and we strive to always keep the group together. We do usually try to keep the average pace at 18-20mph.

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