The ShockWiz is a suspension tuning device created by the masterminds from Quarq; The same folks behind the widely popular Power Meters.  


With a durable design, extremely advanced technology and a user friendly app for iPhone and Android Devices, the ShockWiz is designed for all riders, regardless of the level of experience or bike's intended use.

Diving deep into the device you'll be able to fine tune every aspect of your suspension from Air Pressure and Rebound to Low Speed Compression and Air Ramp.

Quarq ShockWiz Rental - $20 Per Day - $100 Per Week (7 day)

Regardless of your riding style or how much travel your bike has. You can benefit from a deeper understanding of how suspension works. Store the ride profile through the ShockWiz App, then come on in store and let us help you understand and adjust accordingly. We are here to help you dial in the ride of your life! 

*The rental fee can be transferred to the purchase of any RockShox Product in store

Fee is for 2 units for Front and Rear Suspension