Flannel Grinder

The first edition of the Flannel Grinder was a huge success. Timing the weather perfectly, the rains went away overnight and we arrived ready to ride under nothing but blue skies. The Boundless Locomotion crew put together an amazing event.

After fueling up with Cal Giant Berries, granola and coffee, we rolled out and headed towards the dirt and the big climbs. We may not have known what was ahead of us but deep down we kind of knew what was in store. The 44miles and 5500 foot of elevation on course definitely kept us honest! Some amazing scenery was surrounding us, so we couldn't help but forget how big the climbs were. Folks were flying the flannel flag proudly and it was super fun to disconnect from the high strung race scene for an afternoon.

After the 44miles everyone arrived back smoked and ready for tacos and beer! Whats better than telling war stories over carnitas and veggie tacos!

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