Day 6 . 12 Days of Christmas

Day 6 - Shoes

An improper fitting pair of shoes will absolutely ruin a great ride. The entire line of Body Geometry shoes are designed comfort in mind (without sacrificing performance).

Whether it be the entry level Sport Road Shoe to the top tier S-Works. Doesn't matter if its on road or off road. All of the Specialized Body geometry approved shoes will help keep your feet happy and help keep the miles adding up.

Bruce's Pick - Recon Mixed Terrain Shoe "The Recon is a comfortable shoe when clipped in or when running. Perfect for all of my Cross and Gravel adventures. The SlipNot rubber always helps keep traction on tech surfaces."

Cody's Pick - S-Works 6 MTB Shoe "For me, Performance is the number one priority. With racing at the elite level, I can't afford to leave anything to chance. The Boas always help get the "snugness" dialed and the new redesigned heel cup helps me get all the power to the pedals."

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