Kinetic Cycles x The Athletic

We can remember when the first sock from this little company launched out of Portland to pay homagé to the forever famous carpet in PDX airport. And not too long after that the LAX collection launched, designed after the walls in the LA airport. (both of which you can still buy this sock today in our shop and from their web store). With as much time as we spend traveling we just had to buy both pairs.

It seemed like overnight the company blossomed and the #shoesockcombo blew up on Instagram - @theathletic.

The Athletic is now a full blown cycling brand, not just socks, but Caps, Bidons, Gloves, and more. Owners, Jeremy and Julie have a passion for cycling that's unrivaled and it shows in their brand. We have grown to become friends through the years of traveling the circuit to different events on all types of bikes. In fact 2 years ago at The Blitz 2 The Barrel in Bend, OR was when Kinetic and The Athletic decided to team up and become a retailer.

When the opportunity arose to work on a collaboration sock that highlighted their biggest dealers, we could not believe we were one. With dealers literally across the globe, from Portland to Portugal to Japan to Istanbul. It's crazy to think that Kinetic in Sacramento was one! We are beyond grateful to be included.

There are 3 socks in the collection.

G!RO Cycles in the UK, which is an absolutely amazing cycling culture compound. Where riders can come and converse over a bite to eat or a coffee, mid ride. Part bike shop, part cafe. Spend a few moments on their site and you'll quickly want to fly to London just to enjoy the experience.

Pavé out of Barcelona, which is a mind blowing retail experience!!! Bike shop meets Ferrari Dealer meets boutique sneaker shop. Crazy bikes, crazy apparel and a strong affinity for Paris Roubaix memorabilia...Which we can certainly get into.

and... Kinetic Cycles. Now if you are reading this you have probably been in the shop and know what we are all about. We have fun riding bikes and love racing even more. We are proud to be a part of the Sacramento cycling community and your local neighborhood shop. It's an honor to be included with industry leading companies who set the bar for cycling culture.

So once again. Mega Thank You to The Athletic for the opportunity and let's go ride some bikes!

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