Specialized POWER Saddle Review

The new Power saddle from Specialized has been out for a little bit now and it has seemed to really hit the market with some serious claims in regards to Body Geometry and anatomy. Once we got them in the store people seemed to really take hold of the idea. I had been listening and observing but not jumping on one as I'm pretty leery of changing things up. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

That was until recently...

When I was down in Morgan Hill for the Specialized 2016 Product Launch I was able to spend a bit of time on one while I was riding the new Venge ViAS (more to come on that). But I was very impressed with the saddle!! I had hopped on the bike and it wasn't full setup for my fit. Just a few little things were off but the saddle height was correct and I was expecting to ride and have it be so-so. Literally the complete opposite. It took me less than 15 minutes on the bike and I knew immediately I was going to be putting these on my bikes as soon as I got home!


I matched everything to the same as my prior setup and stayed correct with my fit (proper leg length and knee alignment and kept saddle level.) I had been riding the Phenom previously and have been riding it since the introduction of it about 8 years ago. The only thing to take note of while swapping from a previous saddle is

-You cannot measure from the tip of the saddle to a fixed point to match the Saddle Fore/Aft. You'll need to measure form the widest point of your prior saddle to a point and then match that measurement to the widest point of the Power Saddle.


I'm running the Power Pro model. The saddle has a very stiff under shell and little padding. There are 2 different padding levels across all models but the Pro model only comes with 1 option. I am a fan of saddles that have little padding that just gets in the way. If you've ever had long days on the bike you know that the bigger the saddle the more uncomfortable it is. It's one of the stiffest saddles I have ridden but it's impressive how it can still be comfortable. This was the first saddle that I've put on and right away been satisfied with how it feels. You almost don't even notice that you're sitting on such a small saddle. It takes quite a few design cues from the Siterro and it is intended to be used as a Road/Tri saddle but I've been loving it on the CX bike which proves it truly is an all around saddle. Where I feel the Power saddle really excels is when you notice or realistically don't notice the saddle nose getting in your way. On my cyclocross bike, I don't ride in the aggressive drops position very often but when you get into the drops on this saddle, it truly does disappear!

I highly recommend picking up on of these for you bike. Understanding that saddles are a very personal subject and most people are extremely leery of changing once they've found something they like. BUT... I'm willing to bet that once you swap to this saddle you'll realize that you've been "putting up" with your current saddle and not realizing it.

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