Pre-Race Routine

The pre race routine is an important one and something that you should work to refine and make efficient. When it's race day, things can get a little crazy and creating your routine will help the day go by a little smoother and will boost confidence when it comes time to line up. It's something that needs to be tested and refined to suit your schedule and needs.

I always try to do the same things every race day. I have the same pre race meal, pack the same things, ride and inspect the course at the same openings. Pin my number, dial in my bikes, check tire pressure all on the same time schedule.

So...Here's My Routine

(Time before Racestart)

5hrs - Pack bag

4hrs - Pre Race Meal (try to finish with about 3.5hrs to go)

3hrs - Arrive at Race Venue and Straight to Registration

Between 3-2hrs - Set Tire Pressure and head out for Course Inspection

2-1hr - Possible Second Course Inspection / Watch current race tackle sections

1hr - Pin on Number

35min - Warm Up

15min - Head To Start

8min - Call up Starts


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