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Are you in need of some extra motivation?

Looking to find a new Target event for next year?

Do you really like the sound of Gravel Riding but just aren't sure where to begin?

We Are Here To Help!

Kinetic Cycles is now offering a program to help you set and acheive a new goal in an all new discipline. Gravel Riding is on the trajectory to become the largest form of cycling in the sport. With more riders looking to unplug themselves and seek adventure and with the ever growing danger of disctracted drivers, there is no better place to be than on the dirt.


The Lost & Found Gravel Ride is a majestic event tucked in the Sierra Nevada Mountains just north of Lake Tahoe. With 30, 60 and 100 mile options, we feel that this is the perfect place for you to start small and test the waters or dive head first into the deep end. 

We are offering 3 different packages that give you the opportunity to pick the bike of your dreams and receive the necessary tools and knowledge to complete your next big challenge! Each level will address topics to prepare you for the Lost & Found Gravel Ride. We will take you on an adventure from the Bike Shop Showroom, to our In House Fit Studio, to the Exercise Physiology Lab and on to New Gravel Roads and Trails that are in your backyard and have never known were there. 

With Email Knowledge Nuggets, Communication from our Coaching Staff and In Store Conversations with our Service Technicians we will make sure that all questions and concerns are covered. Click below to learn more about each level and see what Adventure is calling your name.

Who Will Be Coaching You? 

Daryl Parker, Ph,D. is a Professor of Exercise Physiology at Sacramento State University in the department of Kinesiology and Health Science. As a researcher he has been studying the effects of cycling on human physiology for almost 20 years, during which his research has been presented regionally, nationally and internationally.

In conjunction with his research, he is also a consultant and coach to range of cyclists from the local to the professional level, as well as professional cycling teams. Daryl has been a competitive cyclist for more than 30 years in the road, mountain, and cyclo-cross disciplines. 

Cody Kaiser is a Professional Cyclist specializing in Cyclocross and Cross Country Mountain Bike disciplines. Over the past few years as the Gravel and Adventure Road Racing scene has developed, he was one of the first to jump on board and spend time focusing on the discipline. Now competing in Gravel Road Races throughout the year from Michigan to Southern California, Oregon to right here in our Backyard. If you have been into the shop or on any of our rides, you understand the knowledge that Cody has and why he is the driving force behind our passion for Cyclocross and Gravel!